Peruvian Adventure

South America is truly a paradise. From Patagonia to the Amazonas to the Andes, the whole continent is without a doubt breathtaking. And crossed by the Andes, towards the North West of the continent, lies Peru, the birthplace and capital of the ancient Inca Empire. Peru is a wonderful country, filled with a rich history, and its capital city, Lima, on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, is a place that tourists must visit. Founded in 1535 by Spanish Conquistador Francisco Pizarro, named Ciudad de los Reyes (City of the Kings), and what once was the biggest and most important city in South America during the Colonial Era, today Lima is still one of the most important cities in Latin America.

Lima is considered not only historically significant but culturally as well. The city is the biggest coastal city of the South American Pacific, and it is Peru’s political, economic, industrial, cultural, financial and commercial centre. Not only that, but Lima’s geographical position is one-of-a-kind compared to all other South American capitals: it is the only one with direct access to the ocean, including wonderful beaches on the shores of the Pacific, perfect for relaxing and surfing in the year-long unbeatable climate.

Some of the most recommended places to visit in Lima is the Plaza de Armas, or the Main Square, right at the heart of the historical centre. That is the exact spot in which the aforementioned Pizarro founded the city in the 16th Century. Surrounded by some of the most important buildings in the city such as the Cathedral, the Government Palace, the Archbishop’s Palace, and El Sagrario Church, this large square is a perfect place for tourists and locals alike since it’s the most famous and crowded location in Lima. 

For those visitors who crave history, Huella Pullcana is an archaeological site that should not be missed. Belonging to a pre-Incan civilization from around 1800 years ago, this pyramidal site is roughly 25 metres tall and includes squares, patios and structures from that lost civilization, surrounded by the modern buildings which create a peculiar sight not to be missed.

Lima offers many other lovely sights to visit: Parque del Amor (Park of Love), founded in St Valentin’s Day in 1993 and dedicated to lovers, it is decorated with colourful mosaics and many famous poem phrases; or San Martín Square, surrounded by many more historical buildings such as the Colon Theatre, and of course, the San Martín statue, commemorating Peru’s liberator from the Spanish crown: Argentinian General José de San Martín. 

Of course, tourists cannot leave Lima without trying the world-famous Peruvian food: ceviche. While there are many staples of Peruvian cuisine, ceviche – fished marinated in limes and peppers, with onion, corn and sweet potatoes – is something all travellers must try in Lima. Without a doubt, Lima is a grand city with many things to offer, and tourists will be glad to have spent time there.…

Rome the City of Love

In the loving country home of pasta, pizza and gelato, there is no other city as toured and with as much history as Rome. More than three thousand years of history coexist on the Italian metropolis. The capital of the long-lived Roman Empire, which at its highest point encompassed all of Europe, left its mark in the Western world for millennia, influencing society, culture, language, music, art, architecture, philosophy, food, religion, law and moral. Nowadays, Rome has got the highest concentration of historical and architectural relics in the world. No wonder, then, why it is one of the most sought-after destinations by global travellers.

The architectonical beauties in Rome are second to none. Only walking around in the Roman downtown is enough for tourists to justify their plane tickets. This is because the whole of Rome is a living museum, and the sights are amazing. A complete tour of the city will take you to around different world-renowned monuments such as; the Fontana di Trevi, one of the most gorgeous water fountains in the world with a fantastic mythological design; the Piazza Navona, a wonderful square with other three remarkable fountains where you can buy a delicious tiramisu to enjoy on your walk; the Roman Forums, a whole section of downtown conserved from the old Empire; the Agripa Pantheon, a two thousand years-old structure, arguably the best-preserved structure from the Roman Empire; and obviously the Roman Coliseum, probably the most well-known building in all of Italy.

Rome is also known for being the capital of two states: Italy, and the Roman Catholic Church, the Vatican. The Vatican is a unique place in the world; it is an independent state inside another city, and its territory is governed by the Catholic Pope, who today is Pope Francis I. Inside the walls of the Vatican lies yet another huge treasure of historical monuments. St Peter’s Square is the setting for billions of pictures all-year-round, and the Sistine Chapel attracts millions of tourists, both religious and not, with its trove of iconic art and architecture, most famously the Renaissance paintings, and Michelangelo’s ceiling. 

Rome is far from being only important due to its cultural significance. On the contrary, the City of Love has got many other attractions for visitors. The most important one is most likely its gastronomy. Italian food is well-renowned all over the world, and Rome is the probably the best place to try some of the best examples: an espresso with a cornetto on the go, pizza or pasta for lunch or dinner, and a gelato and a glass of wine for dessert. With that menu, a truly Roman experience is complete.…

How To Get The Best Experience On Your Cruise Vacation

Traveling by water to your favorite destination is one of the most fulfilling experiences. If you take a long voyage to your destination, you will enjoy your trip right from the cruise ship. 

If you have ever taken a cruise, you already know how you could get the best experiences as you travel. Sometimes the cruise ship is filled with many activities. Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose what to do when you’re on the cruise. 

A good friend of mine who owns an excellent hospitality company told me about this. But you don’t need to be confused about what you need to do every time you get on a cruise ship. In this article, we’ll share with you top things you can try to get the best experience when you’re on your cruise vacation. 

  1. Explore the Ship 

Once you get on board the ship, it’s your time to get to know every part of the ship. Before you decide what will occupy most of your time on the ship, you must first know the different options you have. Walk around and see different things that would excite you. 

With a list of events and activities going on the ship, it will be easy for you to get the ship’s best experience. 

When you’re walking around, your focus should be to explore and identify different exciting things on the ship. 

  1. Catch Up With The Shows 

After you’ve explored different things that you could enjoy on the ship, the next thing would be to catch up with them from the ship. When exploring, you should write a list of things that you could do during the cruise. 

The moment you settle, the next thing would be to catch up with all the fun that’s on the cruise. Don’t let any show pass you. 

Remember, you’re on the cruise. There is no other place that you would want to go to. You have gotten on where you wish to go to. So, it’s your time to enjoy every moment that you’ll be spending on the ship.

  1. Enjoy The Fine Dining 

One thing you’ll love about the cruise is the fine dining that you’ll find onboard. Once you’re on the board, don’t let this pass you. Get some fine dress and join the dinner. 

If you have friends or family on the cruise, join together. 

At the dinner, carry a good camera or ask people to take good pictures of you. Enjoy every moment that you’ll spend during dinner. You will live to remember these moments. 

  1. Network 

On your cruise ship, you’ll meet other travelers. When you join the party or dinner, ensure you interact with other travelers. Get to know other people. You never know the contacts that the cruise will give you. 

Sometimes you’ll get the contacts from places you least expect—cruises are one of those places. So, don’t hold yourself back. Go out and meet people. 

Parting Shot 

When on the cruise, maximize your time. Do everything that brings fun to your life. Enjoy the moment as you’ll never again.